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Collection II Inspiration

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Collection II is here!!  I wanted to take a minute to celebrate the launch and tell you a little bit more about the inspiration behind the collection.  I started working Collection II before we had really even launched Collection I so it was a leap of faith to decide what direction to take Collection II in before I had even met all of you fabulous Frances Austen women I have come to know and love.  

I started with the question 'what are the other classic pieces that a woman needs in her wardrobe?'  That led me to was stripes, the t shirt dress, a button down shirt and the shirt-dress.  From there we focused on how does this feel special, beautiful, distinctive.  I wanted every piece to be the kind of item you see and wonder why you don't already have something so stylish, simple and unique already in your wardrobe.  

I hope you have loved discovering all the details we infused (dresses with pockets!!) in the collection.  


xx Margaret