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Hi! I'm Margaret Frances (not Frances Austen)

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Hello!  I am Margaret, founder of Frances Austen.  I wanted to do a blog to keep you updated on the goings on and inner workings of Frances Austen.  I always say we are a tiny team of real humans so this is me putting out a bit of real behind the scenes info for you.  If you have questions big or small or there is anything you are curious about send me a note - margaret@francesausten.com and I would love to get back to you via email or the blog.  

I launched Frances Austen in August of 2017, I never really knew that this was my dream until I started figuring out my next career step after leaving corporate retail and looking for a job that was flexible, creative, entrepreneurial and where I was setting the strategy and direction.  It took a while (and interviews at other startups, classes in entrepreneurship and soul searching) but I realized that if I wanted a job that was all those things I was going to have to create it myself.  

Working on Frances Austen has been a labor of love and it is so important to me that what we do reflects my values.  We believe re-wearing is caring and the best way that you can reduce fashion impact on the environment, clothes a better when they are built to last and your cashmere sweater should not be a piling disaster after 3 wears (or frankly 30 wears but our standards are higher than other companies, it is a fact).  

Thank you for being with us from the beginning.  

xx Margaret